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Save Taipei, Taiwan As Dusk Diver Comes to Consoles

Save Taipei, Taiwan As Dusk Diver Comes to Consoles

Developer JFI Games Inc., Justdan International Co. Ltd. and PQube announced on 16th May 2019 that the highly rated PC game, Dusk Diver is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 worldwide this fall. The anime action-game is based in Taipei's iconic Ximending district and takes the Musou genre to the next level. The Musou genre is a series of large-scale beat 'em ups with the common thread being the ability to play from multiple sides, killing hundreds in a single battle, and various light RPG elements. Games like Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors are examples of games that under the Musou genre.

Dusk Diver is locally developed in Taiwan and is the first game to capture the vibrant and exciting lifestyle of Ximending District in Taipei, Taiwan, one of the country's most popular tourist locations. The story will start at Exit 6 of the MRT station Ximending. Dusk Driver shows a recreation of Ximending’s streets in a realistic but fantasized world and rendered in anime graphics. From there on, players follow ordinary high school student Yang Yumo and experience her fantasy action adventure through Ximending and Youshanding, a mirror world with two faces. Players can expect to blow monsters off their feet with flashy combos and finishers, upgrade the Guardians according to their favorite play style, and explore the Ximending district.

Dusk Diver includes a special collaboration track – “Sensen Shoujo”, sung by Kate Mizukiri, a Japanese voice actress from Kotori Voice Inc. The Dusk Diver team also casts a selection of Taiwanese and Japanese voice actors to breathe life into the characters. Dusk Diver is currently available on Steam. See the official console release announcement below.


Joshua (Shnook)

Joshua (Shnook)

Staff Writer

Will do his very best to not avoid team killing everyone.

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