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Sigma Is Overwatch's 31st Hero

The latest Overwatch hero has been revealed as Sigma, a brilliant scientist who's experiment gone wrong has left him with gravity manipulating abilities. 

Taking on the role of a Tank, players can expect to not only shield their allies but also unleash a lot of damage on the battlefield. Sigma can use his Hyper Spheres to hit enemies at range, while Kinetic Grasp allows him to stop incoming projectiles and convert them into shields. 

His main ability is Experimental Barrier which is a floating shield that Sigma can send to a location of his choosing. Accretion gives him the option to pick up a mass of debris and hurl it towards an enemy in order to knock them down. Finally, his Gravitic Flux ultimate gives Sigma the chance to lift nearby enemies into the air before slamming them back down.

Sigma is the 31st hero to join Overwatch and is available to play now on the Public Test Region. Overwatch is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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