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SIMULACRA 2 Releases on PC

The SIMULACRA series from Kaigan Games is becoming known for throwing players into a mysterious set of circumstances that can only be pieced together through the familiar interface of a smartphone. The latest entry, SIMULACRA 2 is no different.

A famous online personality has died, and despite having no apparent relationship with her, the player has come into possession of her phone. To untangle the web of mysteries surrounding her death, the player must root through the victim's phone, learn about the events leading up to her final days and uncover her ultimate fate in this narrative-driven interactive thriller. 

The entire game and its story is experienced within the phone's user interface. Players will need to make use of every available lead on the stranger's device to solve the mystery: contacts, social media, web browser, dating apps, photo galleries and more. The insights this provides into the victim's life sets SIMULACRA 2 apart from other mystery games and other mystery fiction in general.

With a larger cast, more apps to explore and a "more complex narrative", SIMULACRA 2 improves upon its predecessor in every way.

SIMULACRA 2 releases on PC 16th January 2020 with a Nintendo Switch release planned for some time in 2020.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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