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Skeletal Dance Party Announces Release Date

The upcoming Skeletal Dance Party from developer Catalope Games and No Studio In Particular has a groovy new trailer which has revealed the titles launch date. 

Players take on the role of Reva, a young fox-eared necromancer who is on a quest to host an awesome dance party for all her friends. These just happen to be the reanimated skeletons of her enemies along with a number of friendly monsters that leads to some fun moments. 

Cast spells, solve puzzles, and bring enemies back from the dead to dance towards the goal and host the best undead party of all time. Make sure to check out the trailer above and get ready for the release on October 22nd on Steam, itch.io, gamejolt and Green Man Gaming.

Catalope Games' last title, Scrap Galaxy, was praised highly in our review earlier this year. 

Nikki Koolonavich

Nikki Koolonavich

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