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SMITE Celebrated 11 Years with Their Biggest Gem Giveaway Ever

SMITE Celebrated 11 Years with Their Biggest Gem Giveaway Ever

SMITE has been having a good year, from celebrating its 11th anniversary of being one of the top MOBA titles to announcing the release of their upcoming sequel, SMITE 2, built with Unreal Engine 5. But now, their celebrations are being shared with players worldwide, as they are doing one of their all-time famous gem giveaways, and this time around, it's the biggest one they are running yet.

Hi-Rez Studios intends to giveaway a total of 10,080,000 gems, which is equivalent to about £9,976.04. Each winner will get around 10,000 gems each (which is more than the highest bundle money can buy), and there will be a total of 1,008 unique winners, meaning that once you win once, you won't be eligible to earn a second bulk. Winners are drawn every 30 minutes, so there are 48 winners per day.

The event started on the 9th of February and will last until the 1st of March, wherein you'll have the opportunity to win the prize. The only people who qualify, however, are those who are playing — every time you partake in a match, you'll be eligible to win one of the 1,008 prizes that will be given away for an hour, and if your match lasts longer than 30 minutes, you'll instead get two drawings upon completion (meaning you'll be eligible for two drawings total).

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You can partake in any game mode so long as it's online — the only two that you can't play in order to qualify are the Practice and Custom Games, so you should be able to do it through Conquest, Joust, and (my personal favourite) Arena. Take your pick!

Whether these new gems will all be converted to the upcoming Legacy Gems in SMITE 2 is still relatively unclear; there is no particular cutoff date for Legacy Gems.

Don't miss your chance at getting 10,000 gems — join SMITE and play an hour between the 9th of February and the 1st of March to partake in the biggest-ever gem giveaway thus far!

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