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Smooch Abominable Love Interests in Sucker for Love: Date to Die For - Release Date Trailer

If your visual novel dating sims have been sorely lacking in occult rituals and Lovecraftian entities ever since you played Sucker for Love: First Date, you’ll be happy to hear its sequel, Sucker for Love: Date to Die For, is just around the corner. Get ready to investigate mysterious disappearances and smooch abominable love interests on the 23rd of April, 2024.

Sucker for Love: Date to Die For brings players a four-chapter VN where you’ll play as the sequel’s new protagonist, Stardust, an asexual woman whose sole desire is to escape her rural hometown after being kidnapped by cultists. While the premise and release date trailer might seem more spooky than romantic, you will get the chance to summon and date Rhok’zan The Black Goat of the Woods. Your heart might get stolen, the trailer notes — but is that more than a metaphor? Who knows?

sucker for love point and click

You’ll explore the world of Sucker for Love: Date to Die For by examining the 3D, 360-degree environments with point-and-click controls. The art style definitely calls back to old-school anime, too. If you want to give it a try yourself, there’s a demo currently available for download on Steam.

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Staff Writer

Alyssa is great at saving NPCs from dragons. Then she writes about it.

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