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Solo Leveling:ARISE Hits 12 Million Pre-Registrations Worldwide!

Solo Leveling:ARISE Hits 12 Million Pre-Registrations Worldwide!

Solo Leveling:ARISE, the Webtoon-turned-anime, has been making waves with its powerful protagonist, great voice acting, and interesting world. It may come as no surprise, therefore, that once a mobile game developed by veteran developer Netmarble announced they'd be releasing a videogame adaptation of this tale of rising power! What was surprising, however, was the amount of eager fans signing up for the pre-registration, which has now arisen past 12 million worldwide in less than a month!

solo level release

Titled Solo Leveling:ARISE, the game will follow Sung Jinwoo's exploits as a hunter, allowing players to  relive the key moments of his journey! Take on dynamic battles, form your own combat style with skills and weapons, and team up with familiar hunters! You can even summon your own "Army of Shadows", living out your own "Arise" moment.

While the game is still in pre-registration, eager gamers can earn limited-time rewards to get their adventure off to a rapid start: you can score a Legendary Artifact Sets, a Chic Black Suit Costume for Sung Jinwoo, two Mana Power Crystal for each attribute, and 100,000 Gold! If that wasn't enough, all players who sign up will be given the opportunity to get Yoo Jinho, Jinwoo's trusted companion, as a pre-registration reward. Say it with me now: ARISE!

Solo Leveling:ARISE will be available to download on Google Play, the App Store, and PC platforms on 8th May.

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