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Splitgate's Winter Update Live Now

A layer of snow has turned everything into a winter wonderland as 1047 Games welcomes the upcoming Winter Update to Splitgate, which comes with an array of changes and updates which include:

  • Three maps have had a touch of holiday to them: Stadium, Abyss, and Pantheon
  • Main menu will now have a winter theme
  • Brand-new challenges with community-created rewards
  • New armour and weapon skins
  • New #TeamSeas skin is now available for purchase, all proceeds going to the project that seeks to remove 30 million pounds of waste from the ocean

The Season 0 battle pass has been extended into early next year so players will have some more time to snag the presents. 



Staff Writer

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--1638637732 - 04:26pm, 5th December 2021

Cool giveaway!

Spooky_0ne - 04:32pm, 5th December 2021 Author

If you mean our Oculust giveaway, then I am very happy you are pleased!