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Steyr Arms And Way of the Hunter Partner Up In The Newest DLC Pack Trailer!

Way of the Hunter has strived to simulate the world of ethical hunting as accurately as possible from the way animals react to the arms used to take them down. Now, in a new partnership with Steyr Arms, a new pack of weapons is heading our way! Including a brand-new weapon, the Steyr-Gams, a newly announced high alpine hunting rifle available in Way of the Hunter exclusively before it is even sold in stores!

The Steyg-Gams features an optimized scout barrel, an integrated Picatinny rail, and a combination of carbon stock and 3D printing to create a rifle both ultra-light and highly accurate. In addition to this, the Steyr Arms Pack will add the reliable Steyr SSG M1, the Steyr Mannlicher CL II full stock for the biggest and most dangerous game, and the all-steel Steyr Monobloc ARMAD for the roughest of conditions!

The Steyr Arms Pack is coming to Way of the Hunter soon!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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