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Struggling gamescom Trailer

Frontier Developments and developer Chasing Rats team up for a quirky gross-out physics based platformer, Struggling. Traversing levels as laboratory escapee and Cronenberg disaster “Troy”, you’ll have to slink your way through nightmarish and cartoony worlds, and sink your little flesh mitts into any surface or enemy to progress.

The new trailer demonstrates the new co-op feature where you are barely an appendage each. As if it looked difficult already, you’ll have to hivemind together to plod through puzzles of guts and viscera (reminiscent of 2014’s Octodad: Deadliest Catch) - no physical reverse mitosis needed… unless that's an undisclosed addition that your controller oozes toxic ooze.

Struggle your way through... Struggling, on Steam and Nintendo Switch today!

Danielle Winter

Danielle Winter

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