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Super Cloudbuilt Removed From Sale

Super Cloudbuilt Removed From Sale

The speedrunning rocket-powered parkour platformer Super Cloudbuilt has been removed from sale, after developer Coilworks' agreement with publisher Double Eleven expired.

In a post to its blog, Coilworks announced that the game was no longer on sale on Steam, and would be removed from sale on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One shortly - most likely by the time you read this. If you've previously bought the game, you'll still be able to download it.

Although the blog doesn't specify why, the removal from sale is directly related to Double Eleven no longer publishing the game. However, Coilworks did state that Super Cloudbuilt will return - most likely as a remastered version. This will include:

  • Ghost Replays & Replay Playback
  • Graphical updates like cast shadows, enhanced lighting and color treatment
  • Accessibility options (optional settings to customize the game experience)
  • A rebalance of story mode, with a significant overhaul of the item/powerup system

Unfortunately, only the PC version will return, due to the size of the team at Coilworks.

You can read the full blog here.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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