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Super Mario Maker Surpasses One Million Sales

Super Mario Maker Surpasses One Million Sales

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker for the Wii U has sold over one million units, making it the 32nd title in the Mario franchise to do so. That's not so bad for a game that hasn't even been out a month yet.

In Super Mario Maker, you can create your own 2D levels and share them with other players, and it has clearly proven to be very popular. It has the same appeal as the Trials games, which give you a crazy amount of freedom in creating your own stages. 

Along with the impressive sales, Nintendo shared some statistics from the game. Over 2.2 million levels have been created and shared, and have been played almost 75 million times, which is a crazy big number! Well done Nintendo, you've hit another home run.

Super Mario Maker is available now for the Wii U.