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Super Mario Party Adds Online Play Update

Super Mario Party Adds Online Play Update

The 2018 Switch title received a substantial update today, which offers the ability to play Super Mario Party online!

The series has been a staple of co-op couch romps since its debut (Mario Party) on the Nintendo 64 back in 1998. After the mainline series’ tenth sequel (and the fourth title to be on a home console that supports Wi-Fi), it’s about time we got an e-invite to a Mario Zoom party!

70 out of the 80 minigames in “Free Play”, “Partner Party”, and the classic “Board Game” modes have become available to play online with three of your friends, with options for split-screen to!

Once the update is downloaded, just open up a match for your party pals or create a password for a private match (I'd suggest: “w4lug1gi4SM4SH” if I could!)


 Access to the online features in the update is only available to those with a Nintendo Switch Online membership subscription, which can cost from £3.49 for 30 days, £6.99 for 90 days, and £17.99 for 365 days.

Seeing as though we are still in amongst a global pandemic, this free update will sure to go well with fans who love/hate the game, as well as boost the sales of the eleventh plumber’s party parade.

The Super Mario Party online update is available for free today on Nintendo Switch platforms.

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djd4ws0n - 12:06pm, 28th April 2021

I've seen online play in Super Mario Maker, so I wouldn't hold out much hope for Mario Party minigames being playable...