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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighter Hero Detailed in New Video

In a recent 21 minute video, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai detailed the second DLC fighter, Hero from the Dragon Quest franchise. As previously revealed, Hero will be including skins that represent the protagonists from Dragon Quest III, IV, VIII and XI. Hero’s Final Smash was also previously revealed, which is an attack called Gigaslash that summons all previous Dragon Quest protagonists to aid Hero in a single attack.

Hero is a sword fighter who wields magic, yet he has a few unique quirks that help differentiate him from other sword fighters on the roster. One of his most notable traits is his MP bar, which is indicative of the MP bar seen in Dragon Quest games. The MP bar will decrease after each special attack is used. These special attacks include Frizz spells, Zap spells and Woosh spells. Much like in the main games, these spells will come in different strengths, activated by holding down the correlating buttons.

Hero’s other key mechanic is the command menu. The command menu can be activated by holding down on the analog stick alongside the B button, and from it players can select from a large variety of spells with different attributes. These spells include Oomph, Psyche Up, Bounce, Heal, Flame Slash, Kacrackle Slash, Accelerate, Kaboom, Snooze, Hatchet Man, Thwack, Zoom, Kacklang, Metal Slash, Hocus Pocus, Magic Burst and Kamikazee. Naturally each of these moves mirrors the effects of the spells in the Dragon Quest Games.

Similar to all other DLC fighters, Hero will also come with a stage, music tracks, a Spirit Board and a Classic Mode route. Hero’s stage is Yggdrasil’s Altar from Dragon Quest XI, which raises into the air before travelling around different locales from the overworld of the game. The music tracks included are “Adventure” and “Fighting Spirits” from Dragon Quest III, “Battle for Glory” and “Wagon Wheel’s March” from Dragon Quest IV, “War Cry” and “Marching through the Fields” from Dragon Quest VIII, and “The Hero Goes Forth with a Determination” and “Unflinchable Courage” from Dragon Quest XI.

Even more Dragon Quest characters will be represented through Mii Costumes that are available to be purchased separately. Specifically, these include Erdrick, Martial Artist, and a Slime Hat from the original Dragon Quest, and Veronica from Dragon Quest XI.

Hero will be releasing with Version 4.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which includes a number of key features for the overall game. Some of these features are the ability to play Tournament Mode online, being able to bet on winners during spectator matches, as well as fundamental gameplay changes such as the Final Smash bar depleting over time, and numerous buffs and nerfs to specific characters.

Hero can be purchased now. Fighter Pass owners will be able to download him at no additional cost, while those who don’t own the Fighter Pass will have to purchase him separately. Version 4.0 is available to download regardless of whether Hero has been purchased or not.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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