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Survive The Real Estate World in the Real Estate Simulator Gameplay Trailer!

The Rags to Riches story is one that many can symphatise with or even aspire to. Starting from nothing and rising to the top with hard work, wits, and a unique set of skills. In the new simulation title from publisher Midnight.Works and developer Geekon, Real Estate Simulator - From Bum to Millionaire, you'll take on the role of a moneyless nobody working to buy, renovate and sell houses to make it in the Real Estate world!

As you buy and spruce up houses, you'll also deal with prospective buyers ranging from cautious first-time buyers to big spenders, all requiring different tactics to entice. Follow trends, negotiate prices, and walk away richer than before! Take it slow and make each house perfect, or aim for unique challenges and achievements while tackling market crashes and difficult clients. The sky is the limit! Or your buyer's budget.

Real Estate Simulator - From Bum to Millionaire is set to release 22nd March exclusively on Steam!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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