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Take a Deep Dive into the Canaanite Faction in Total War: PHARAOH

Total War: PHARAOH will be the latest entry in the Total War series, and everyone is keen to learn more about the different factions battling one another. In this Deep Dive, the developers, Creative Assembly, will introduce you to the Canaanite Faction.

There are two leaders in the Canaanite Faction, whose goal is to reclaim the prestige of the Canaanite Empire. However, no bloodline decides a leader; only those strong and resilient enough to survive on the sword's edge can be regaled as a leader. But who are they?

Irsu is a ravager, a savage warlord who favours aggression over diplomacy. He is proud of his barbarism and believes the best way to overcome his enemies is through battle. His units are all armoured and excel at melee combat. They have access to the Raiders and Razers Ability, which lets them burn the buildings around them to sow seeds of chaos around them.

Our second leader is Bay, a schemer. He’s a survivor and a manipulator, a wolf in sheep’s clothing who may look meek and friendly, but he has much bigger plans. Players who love to lurk in the shadows and gain influence before making their moves will appreciate Bay’s playstyle. His troops are experts at ambushing their enemies and can use Abilities such as Vanguard Deployment, Stalk and Sneak, and are known for their nimble melee combat and short-range missiles to secure a quick victory.

Overall, the Canaanites are underdogs who have refined their combat to counter both the rapid speed of the Egyptians and the heavy armour of the Hittites. They are known for adapting to the required situation and employing medium-armoured forces with a mixture of heavy and light infantry, depending on what is needed.

For a better look at what you can expect, check out the Deep Dive yourself, and don’t hesitate to comment and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to pre-order Total War: PHARAOH yourself if you want to get some cool pre-order bonuses. You can find pre-orders on Steam and the Epic Games Store or pre-order directly from Creative Assembly’s official website.

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