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The Escapists 2 is Heading to Switch Next Week

Prison break out sim The Escapists 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch next week. 

Team 17 revealed that the squeal to the popular game The Escapists, will be coming to the Nintendo console on 11th January and will include a number of features that make the Switch version stand out. This includes support for up to four-players in online co-op and versus mode with two-player drop-in/drop-out split-screen play. This can be done via a single Joy-Con each or with two Pro Controllers. 

The Escapists 2 will be available via the Nintendo Switch eShop for £19.99 / $19.99 and is available for pre-load and pre-purchase now. 

The Escapists 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Nikki Koolonavich

Nikki Koolonavich

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