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The Hunt Begins With the V Rising: Ruins of Mortium Trailer

Once you have settled into your nice little vampire realm, a prospective lord of the night may become complacent and simply waste away the decades. Those whom wish to challenge themselves, however, can take on the ultimate in vampiric challenges... Dracula.

In the upcoming content update, Ruins of Mortium, players will face the erstwhile lord of all vampires as the ancient foe attempts to reclaim his kingdom. Face off against creatures tainted by his presence, take on his vampire general, and stop his resurrection... or face his wrath! In addition to the new and titular area of the Mortium, the update also contains new dynamic endgame events and weapons, in addition to new castle buildings and decor!

Bring your best or die like the rest!

V Rising's highly anticipated full PC release is scheduled for 8th May, while the PlayStation 5 date is yet to be revealed.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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