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The Newest Way of the Hunter DLC Is Out Now!

The Newest Way of the Hunter DLC Is Out Now!

After starting off in Pacific Northwest with Nez Perce Valley, travelling to Transylvania, exploring Alaska, and experiencing Africa, the newest destination for Way of the Hunter is out now, Matariki Park!

 Set in the titular park in New Zealand, the DLC sees us return to the hunting boots of veteran protagonist, River Knox. Having feared his grandson was being overworked, old man Knox sent River around the world to relax and recuperate. However, as fate would have it, something is a bit off with the owner of the cabin and some things don't quite add up. See the beauty of New Zealand as you track and hunt the many animals these sprawling hills offer, such as the Himalayan tahr, feral goat, and majestic red deer! If you're curious to read more, head on over to our review!

Way of the Hunter: Matariki Park is out now and available as  a separate DLC, or you can get the Map Pack 2 bundle that contains both the DLC and an unnamed region coming in summer 2024!

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