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The Rebirth Update Drops For GTFO

Developer 10 Chambers has released the latest update to their first-person shooter GTFO that brings a number of new features including the latest Rundown, Rebirth. 

This new extensive Rundown takes place in a new environment that adds some nature to the dark and eerie atmosphere players have come to know from the title. Players will also encounter new dangers, a bunch of expeditions, and a new feature called Boosters that will add more repayable value to the the player experience. 

"This Rundown changes a lot to GTFO, for new and existing players, we're adding something called Boosters. While exploring The Complex, you can find valuable artifacts that are sought after by the Warden – this mysterious entity that are keeping you prisoner. If you find these, you will be rewarded you with the horrible experience of injecting a special liquid to your brain – so-called Boosters. These Boosters give you enhanced abilities such as improved assault rifle damage, or increased hacking speed."

Ulf Andersson, Creative Director on GTFO.

To mark the release of the Rebirth update, 10 Chambers dropped a new trailer that showcases some gameplay from the new Rundown. You can see this trailer for yourself above.

GTFO is available now on PC as part of Steam Early Access. 

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