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The Sun Sets On Battleborn As 2K Games Announce Server Shutdown

The Sun Sets On Battleborn As 2K Games Announce Server Shutdown

Gearbox Software and 2K Games have revealed the their first-person shooter title Battleborn is reaching the end of it's life. 

Effective immediately, Battleborn is no longer available for purchase on any digital storefront on all platforms. This marks the start of the games "sunsetting phase" which will end with it being taken offline completely. In February 2020, the premium currency will be remove completely, with players able to earn and spend it until then. Then, in January 2021, the servers will be turned off seeing Battleborn be no more.

The news came from the Battleborn Twitter account which tweeted: 

[1/3] Today we have begun the process of gradually sunsetting Battleborn. Starting February 24, 2020, you will no longer be able to purchase virtual currency for use in the game.

[2/3] The game’s servers will remain active and the game will continue to be playable until January 2021. However, once servers are deactivated, Battleborn will no longer be playable. To learn more, please refer to this detailed FAQ:

[3/3] We’re extremely proud of the work that went into the game, and want to extend our deep appreciation to all the fans for their support. We’ll continue to provide updates on the sunsetting of the title when appropriate.

Battleborn was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back on 3rd May, 2016. Back in 2017 the title went free-to-play but it seems that wasn't enough to save the title.

In our own review of the title it earned a 6.5 with the closing remarking noting that "aside from its charming presentation and humorous characters, it all feels a little shallow, offering snippets of things we’ve seen hundreds of times before."

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