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The "Switch Pro" is Looking More Likely Than Ever

The "Switch Pro" is Looking More Likely Than Ever

Contrary to naysaying from Nintendo itself, reports indicate that a "Switch Pro" (unofficial title) could be on the way, ready for a release in time for Christmas 2021.

A recent report from Bloomberg, informed by "people familiar with the plan", stated that the new model of Switch will feature a seven-inch Samsung OLED display and will support 4K resolutions when docked. The OLED display should be more energy efficient, offer faster response times and provide higher levels of contrast in comparison to the Switch's current LCD display.

Commenting in a recent earnings call, Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo's President, said that the company had nothing to announce "any time soon" regarding an updated model of the Switch. The precise definition of "soon", however, was left up to interpretation.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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