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The Third SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend Date Has Been Revealed!

The Third SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend Date Has Been Revealed!

Fans have been excited for the newest SMITE 2 sequel for a while — the upgraded visuals and new promised Gods seem to be a big new thing for it. And while we still are waiting for the official Early Access release on Steam, that doesn't mean that everyone has to wait!

Owners of the Founders Edition of SMITE 2 get an assured possibility to jump into each of the free weekends that Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games are running for it. These give you the opportunity to test out the game in its Alpha period and return feedback to the developers, helping along to improve it for its imminent Early Access release.

If you want to enter but don't want to buy one of the Founders Packs, then you also have the opportunity to be selected if you head on over to the official Steam store page and select "Request Access" to the "Join the SMITE 2 Playtest" button below the other three editions you can buy. This isn't an assured way to get into the game, but it does offer you the opportunity to try it out prepare for the release or decide whether you want to buy a Founders Pack to support the development!

The newest Alpha Test will release on the 27th of June and run until the 29th of June, meaning you get to enjoy the game from Thursday to Saturday. The Early Access release is set to release on the 30th of July 2024.

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