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The Witcher 3 for PS4 Update adds HDR and bugs…

PlayStation 4 owners and their snazzy HDR-supported 4K TV’s can now enjoy CD Projekt Red’s masterpiece The Witcher 3 with full HDR support, but unfortunately for those playing on the PS4 Pro in 4K, there have been reports that the latest patch has caused a number of visual problems.

With patch 1.60/1.6.1 on PS4, the patch added HDR for all PS4 modes keeping with their promise back in December that the Sony’s platform would receive the update following the Xbox One X version.

Aside from the improvement in colour gamut on supported televisions, the v1.60 update for PS4 also includes “various performance optimisations; stability improvements; localization fixes and minor visual improvements”. Unfortunately, for the latter, it appears to cause visual problems, as players have reported that the patch has caused severe object pop-in as well as a reduced level of detail in the distance.

Problems have varied with some reports saying there are certain are affected, but not all. With people flocking to CD Projekt Red forums exclaiming that “trees vanish in front of me,” and that “some trees just disappear and some appear out of nowhere”.

While this issue only limited to those playing at 4K, other users have noted that running a PS4 Pro on at 1080p TV has lost the supersampling option in-game, and now users have to enable supersampling within the PS4 system settings.

No response from CD Projekt Red as of yet, but we’re sure with the outcry in the forums, they’ll be busy looking into resolving the issue as soon as they can. We’ll be sure to update once we anything.

Above you can see one example uploaded via YouTube the PS4 Pro version after 1.60/1.61 patch. Showing the terrible draw distance and pop in objects.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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