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Top 10 Metacritic Game Publisher Rankings for 2022 Have Been Announced!

Top 10 Metacritic Game Publisher Rankings for 2022 Have Been Announced!

It's time again for the top 10 publishers! For the 13th year in a row, Metacritic has calculated the last 12 months of game releases to decide, once and for all, who the best publisher for 2022 is! With an intricate scoring system and a rule of five or more distinct titles released, it's time to see who was the winner! Yes, this rule means that last year's winner — Microsoft — is unable to participate this year.

Here were the top 10 publishers for 2022, their average Meta Score, and their new position relative to last year!

  • #10. Devolver Digital — Avg. 78.3 (#11 last year)
  • #9. Humble Games — Avg. 76.8 (#3 last year)
  • #8. Annapurna Interactive — Avg. 79.2 (#18 last year)
  • #7. Sega (including Atlus) — Avg. 79.3 (#8 last year)
  • #6. Capcom — Avg. 78.6 (#6 last year)
  • #5. Take-Two Interactive (including 2K, Private Division, and Rockstar) — Avg. 78.9 (#27 last year)
  • #4. Focus Entertainment (including The Arcade Crew, Blackmill, Deck13, and DotEmu) — Avg. 80.0 (#17 last year)
  • #3. Activision Blizzard — Avg. 76.5 (#4 last year)
  • #2. Paradox Interactive — Avg. 81.8 (N/A)
  • #1. Sony Interactive Entertainment — Avg. 85.6 (#2 last year)

Sony takes the crown with a staggering 85.6 average score, which is no surprise with the previously-exclusive titles coming to PC, including God of War (2018) and Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, but also because of its sequel to its 2018 game of the year — and 2022 game-of-the-year nominee — God of War Ragnarok!

Congratulations to Sony Interactive Entertainment for such a great year! May we see another successful one with Returnal and The Last of Us Part I coming to PC this year, alongside Marvel's Spider-Man 2's tentative September release!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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