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Total War Battles: KINGDOM Shutting Down

Total War Battles: KINGDOM Shutting Down

Total War Battles: KINGDOM, the free-to-play server based game that has been out since the 24th of March of 2016 is retiring, sadly.

The developers don't give an explanation as to why the game is ending but do take their time to thank their community for being there with them throughout the years and mention that they hope they follow them onto their future projects.

The servers will continue working until the 28th of April if anyone would like to go in one last time.

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

Staff Writer

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Sean Mairs
Sean Mairs - 06:46pm, 25th March 2023

I loved that game so much. The graphics were so precise from the massive castle to the swing of a sword. I loved the real life graphics. The fact that you could litterally build a kingdom from the ground up is amazing. I loved how you could see the combat. It was such a good game and I would do anything for the game to go back onto the app store. I loved how you could edit your "Sigal" and how you could invade different houses around yoyr house. I wish it could stay 

Spooky_0ne - 06:48pm, 25th March 2023 Author

Hey, Sean!

I'm so sorry you love it so much! It's really painful to see a good game go! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and what you loved about it; I hope you someday find another title that reignites the same flame!