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Trailer for Genshin Impact's A Parade of Providence Update

We have some information on the upcoming update for Genshin Impact — version 3.6 — which will be arriving on the 12th of April! Aside from the launch of the first-ever grand Akademiya celebration, there are new areas arriving, as well as new playable characters! For those who don't know about the Akademiya Extravaganza, it offers new stories and a mini-game to learn more about the Sumeru Akademiya and its six Great Schools.

In addition to that, the badlands and oasis area will not be available to explore, as well as the five-star Dendro Catalyst Baizhu and the four-star Dendro Kaveh. And aside from the new story quests for Nahida and Baizhu and a hangout quest for Layla, players can look forward to the weekly boss Dragon of Vendure, the boss enemy Iniquitous Baptist, and two types of Hilichurl rogues.

Check out the trailer for the update — named A Parade of Providence — which lands on the 12th of April!

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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