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TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials Announcement Trailer and Release Date

Outright Games and Hasbro have teamed up once again to bring a brand-new TRANSFORMERS title, and this time, it'll be a mixture of genres that we haven't seen too much of just yet!

Enter TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials, a racing/roguelike combat title where you can take control of either AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS to race through the tracks and engage in combat. You'll set out on races to recover the Prime Relicts that NEMESIS PRIME has taken.

In this title, you can play as some of the most iconic characters from the franchise — play as Bumblebee, Megatron, Elita-1, and Optimus Prime, and engage in alternating gameplay. You'll start off racing in Alt Mode, where you speed through the track in Arcade Racing, and then change to Bot Mode to fight against the enemies that block your path, giving you the opportunity to advance and continue your race.

Transformers Galactic Trials Official Announcement Trailer 0 29 screenshot

This is going to be a single-player title with a campaign; by acquiring the Prime Relics, you'll have the opportunity to unlock new skills, characters, and skins. Galactic Trials gives you everything you need for the single-player campaign, but you can also engage in the Arcade mode, featuring two-player local multiplayer that'll let you enter a race, with both of you customising the experience in the track, character, and weapons!

TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials is actually the first racing game in the franchise, with a note from Stephanie Malham, the Managing Director of Outright Games, stating the following about the 40th anniversary of this franchise:

It has been a pleasure to continue our collaboration with Hasbro and return to the world of TRANSFORMERS. With 2024 marking the 40th anniversary of this iconic IP, we are very excited to be releasing the first ever console racing video game in the franchise’s history. With the inclusion of rogue-lite elements, TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials’s gameplay complements the dynamic Transformers robots.

Best of all, TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trialsisn't going to take too long to release — you can start your journey across the title on the 11th of October across various platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam!

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