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Trese Brothers Games Announce Star Traders 2

Trese Brothers Games Announce Star Traders 2

How many game developers can honestly say they have been forced to make a sequel? Well the Trese Brothers can, as for the past four years fans have been on at them to make a sequel to their mobile game Star Traders RPG.

Now, they thought fans might have been happy with a mobile and computer release of Heroes of Steel - nope. Then a game set in the same universe, Star Traders 4X - still nope. Then came the announcement.

star traders 2 multiverseThat's right, to give Star Traders RPG the sequel it deserves, their Kickstarter will be opening 29th August.

Of course, that means it isn't live yet. However we have obtained some information not revealed in the announcement!

  • As with the original, you will captain a ship and be able to do what you like - from smuggler, to trader, to military commander.
  • You can promote crewmen.
  • The game universe will be massive, and trading over long distances will reap better rewards.
  • There will be away missions like in the previous game - but you get a more active role.
  • The story is a sequel to Star Traders 4X.

We'll remind you when the Kickstarter begins next week.

Star Traders 2 will be coming to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac in Q3 2015.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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