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Trials Fusion Gets Day-One Resolution Patch for Xbox One

Bike platformer Trials Fusion will be getting a day-one patch to boost resolution on the Xbox One, according to developer RedLynx.

Set to release this week for Xbox and PlayStation, the patch will just be for the Xbox One, bumping the game's resolution up from 800p to 900p--without damaging its 60fps frame rate. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 users can rest easy (and perhaps a little smugly) with 1080p right out of the proverbial box.

Trials Fusion is the fifth and latest game in the Trials series, where players race motorcycles through a course, popping tricks along the way. The series has received widespread critical acclaim in recent years for its track design and replayability. RedLynx, who have worked with Ubisoft Shanghai for this newest installment, have promised that Trials Fusion will include all the best qualities of Trials Evolution and Trials HD, revamped for the latest generation of consoles.

Trials Fusion is set to release April 16 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. On April 24 the game will see release for PC.


Ruth Krabacher

Ruth Krabacher

Staff Writer / News Writer

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