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Vampire Survivors is Coming to New Consoles This Summer

Announced at the Triple-i Initiative indie showcase, poncle came forward with news that is sure to make PlayStation fans clutch their nearest garlic.

Alongside the announcement for a brand-new DLC coming soon that'll feature a cross-over collaboration with a Konami franchise (I bet you can't guess which one it is), poncle announced that their ever-famous genre-defining Vampire Survivors is coming to the last console it needs to overtake: PlayStation. The vampire plague has officially conquered all of the major consoles, ranging from mobile to console and PC, and this summer, PlayStation will finally be able to enjoy this surprise 2022 hit.

Vampire Survivors on PlayStation Coming Summer 2024 0 26 screenshot2

NOT THE POINT! Though... I mean, yeah.

Vampire Survivors is releasing to both console generations, meaning that you should be able to enjoy it whether you have the previous PlayStation 4 or the new PlayStation 5. Alongside this release will also be all of the four DLC that have come out for the experience over time: Legacy of the MoonspellTides of the FoscariEmergency Meeting, and even the new upcoming one that'll release before the PlayStation debut.

If you're the type of person that has been spamming poncle about a PlayStation release (as shown on the announcement trailer), then you can stop asking "Ps5 wen" — you'll be able to get it this summer 2024!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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