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Vampire Survivors is Releasing a New Collaboration DLC

Vampire Survivors is going to team up with Konami with a brand-new DLC that's coming soon! Announced with a cinematic trailer released on the official poncle - Vampire Survivors YouTube channel, the new upcoming Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns is coming soon!

In this new DLC, poncle partners up with Konami to bring Contra into the iconic bullet heaven title. This marks the third DLC released for this title and the second collaboration, following the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting that brought Among Us to this not-so-vampire-slaying title!

Of course, it's worth noting that there won't be any added vampires, as the ongoing meme and trend continues where Vampire Survivors hasn't actually featured a vampire character. The Konami-owned Contra is a great choice, whereas the more obvious Castlevania would have brought the iconic Dracula and the franchise to a third outsourced major release. Fans hold out hope for a collaboration with the inspiration of the title, yet many still hope that we won't see an official vampire any time soon.

Vampire Survivors Operation Guns DLC feat. Contra Coming 9th May 1 20 screenshot

That's not a vampire — that's Fido!

The new DLC characters will have build-focused approaches, encouraging specific builds for them. The total new additions are a massive list of 11 new characters, various huge new maps, and 22 total weapons, including evolutions. It's a huge DLC that'll bring a lot of gameplay to those who wish to experience just a bit more of Vampire Survivors.

We don't know the full list of upcoming characters yet, but these are the ones we do know:

  • Browny: a partybot that is programmed for murder.
  • Ariana: great for evasive manoeuvres
  • Bill Rizer: just a guy with a gun, this one.
  • Probotector: a recon robot that is programmed to protect humans (he's also hyper-advanced!).
  • Lucia: no one knows what she is — might be a clone or a cyborg, who knows? — but regardless, she's here for kicking butt.
  • Brad Fang: he's a third man, a third wolf, a third robot... which means 150% super soldier!
  • Sheena Entranzi: scarily skilled in jungle combat!
  • Lance Bean: great if you're looking for muscles AND a brain in one body.

If you're excited to bring Contra to Vampire Survivors, then you won't have to wait too long! This new DLC will be coming on the 9th of May for $2.49/€2.49/£1.99, so the wait shouldn't feel too arduous!

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