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Virgo Versus the Zodiac Out Now For PC

Play as Virgo, the not-so heroic protagonist of Virgo Versus the Zodiac, as she fights to restore the galaxy to its righteous "Golden Age"... at least, that's what she thinks. Take a look at Moonana's recently released game in the trailer above and read on to find out more:

This deep, turn-based RPG makes use of a timing-based combat system that requires both careful planning and quick reactions to master. On top of this, Virgo Versus the Zodiac does away with the random encounters of similar RPGs, instead crafting each enemy encounter to be a unique experience. Speaking of crafting: the loot of your fallen foes can be claimed and worn or crafted into stronger equipment.

There can be more to life than combat: players may choose to befriend an array of characters —including a sentient cookie, dinosaur and a herd of goats— and experience a different story as a result of their individual choices. The game's story can follow a multitude of paths thanks to the "Zodiac Qualities System" which tracks player decisions, interactions, encounters and stats to form a divergent plot with multiple endings.

Curious players will be rewarded for exploration with additional plot details, content and optional character interactions. All of this also adds up to affecting the course of the game's storyline. No action goes unnoticed in Virgo Versus the Zodiac.

Virgo Versus the Zodiac is out now on PC. Check out the Steam launch trailer above.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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