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Watch 30 Minutes of Exclusive Yooka-Laylee Footage

I recently had the opportunity to spend over two hours with Playtonic Games' Yooka-Laylee, and boy, is it cute. The spiritual successor of Banjo-Kazooie made me feel like playing a Nintendo 64 on the Playstation 4, but in a good way.

During my hands-on time with the game, I had a chance to explore the first three worlds to my hearts desire, and I have edited that extensive footage into a digestible 30 minutes video. It is in HD (as HD as the PS4 is capable of, anyway) and it contains no spoilers whatsoever. It is also uncommented, so thank God for that.

Yooka-Laylee is out on the 11th of April for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, and Linux. Someday in the future, a Switch version is also planned.

Marcello Perricone

Marcello Perricone

Staff Writer

Passionate, handsome, and just a tiny bit cocky, our resident Time Lord loves history, science, and all things that fall from the sky.

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dominoid - 07:44pm, 12th March 2017

Do want!