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Watch the Trailer Latest DLC for The Sims 4 and Learn More

One of the franchises that has been prominent across decades of gaming history is none other than The Sims, and it's no surprise! The modding community is strong, there's a lot of goofy fun to have, and it's a title that gives leeway to be simple or challenging depending on how you approach it.

Now, the latest DLC to The Sims 4 has been revealed — For Rent! In it, players will be able to get a new lot type, which allows them to rent out to multiple families. In the gameplay trailer, we get to see how easy it'll be to set up the lease — from how often they'll need to pay to how much! And if you've got any special ideas on what sort of housing you'd like, you get to choose the rules, too. This means no pesky ghosts, trash, or loud noises if you don't want them!


This might inspire some of The Sim's most ambitious decorators and builders to make the best of the best for the families. And, of course, it wouldn't be a proper Sims experience without some drama, so get ready to deal with late payers and have to evict those who refuse to work together!

The man in the video couldn't have said it better — everything will be great until it isn't, and this usually means someone broke a toilet or a stove. But don't worry — you can ease the tension in the shared space, where your tenants can get to know each other and create deeper bonds with one another. 

If you can't wait for this newest addition, then consider buying it before the 18th of January to get the pre-order bonus:

  • Quick Treats Grill.
  • Streetside Stars Shade.
  • Peak Freshness Fruit Basket.

Make sure to check out the gameplay trailer for a more in-depth look at what's new! And, of course, here's a quick picture of the pre-order items, just for you.


For Rent will be available on the 7th of December, 2023!


Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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