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WildStar Details Future Plans Ahead Of Halloween Event

WildStar Details Future Plans Ahead Of Halloween Event

It's that time of the year again where every game, especially MMOs roll out their Halloween content and WildStar is no exception. With the game's Shade's Eve event around the corner, Game Director Chad "Pappy" Moore has given a quick update on what is coming to the fantasy sci-fi MMO in the near future.

Giving a quick recap of the raid content added back in August with the Redmoon Rising update, he goes on to discuss what is to come. Shade's Eve starts things off and is due to start on the 19th October and runs until the 1st November with plenty of ghoulish activities and items to obtain.

But the main purpose of his post was to talk about the content update coming in November, Redmoon Mutiny. This will include phase two of the Redmoon Terror raid, featuring the final battle against Lekava the Dark-Hearted. As well as the raid content, it will also include updates to the game's grouping mechanics, enabling cross-faction dungeon and raid groups.

You can check out the full post over on the official WildStar site here.

The Redmoon Mutiny update is due to arrive in WildStar sometime in November and the Shade's Eve Halloween event kicks off on the 19th October. You can play WildStar for free on PC via Steam.

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