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Ylands Players Can Now Monetise Their In-Game Creations

The Ylands Creators Club is open for business! In the latest update for Bohemia Interactive's free-to-play massively multiplayer sandbox title, Bohemia has given select players the ability to create and sell their own content, making real money (albeit in the form of commission) in the process. The Creators Club also grants members a range of exclusive in-game perks and benefits. Check out the trailer for Ylands'  1.4 update above, showing off the Creators Club plus a slew of other improvements and additions.

Ylands offers players a sandbox with which to create anything and everything they can imagine (within the limits of their scripting ability). Much like Media Molecule's Dreams, players can create their own games within Ylands that span any number of genres: racers to platformers, survival sims to RPGs. With robust design and scripting tools, the question isn't if you can make it, but how can you make it.

The Creators Club is out now for Ylands on Steam, Android and iOS.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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