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Anger Foot Preview

Anger Foot Preview

Anger Foot is a bizarre arcadey FPS developed by Free Lives, known for Broforce and Genital Jousting, and, just like the latter, is incredibly crude. You take the reins of the titular protagonist, a resident of Shit City, where crime is the law. After finally collecting all four “primo sneakers” and completing your sneaker collection, they’re stolen by the Violence Gang, and obviously, you can’t let that slide.

Anger Foot heads straight into their territory, which is where the game begins properly. Each gang zone is broken into many relatively short stages that have a simple goal: reach the exit. It’s a little more complicated than that, with a variety of enemies trying to stop you from making it out. Each stage plays out simply: you have basic movement, a jump and a kick, and a lot of enemies along the way. There’s some solid foe variety, which is where a lot of the actual unique gameplay comes into play, from melee enemies typically forming into groups to some with pistols, machine guns, and shields, which make for some incredibly satisfying on-the-fly decision-making. This is enhanced by consumables that can be found around each stage, from beers to energy drinks, and they all have subtle but notable effects on the way Anger Foot controls. Killing enemies makes them drop their weapons, which you can then pick up and use. Guns all have limited ammo but can also be thrown to stun enemies, allowing for easy kills or temporarily taking someone out of a fight while dealing with others. There’s a nice amount of player expression when dealing with individual engagements and missions, which leads to an incredibly satisfying gameplay loop.

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Each mission has five earnable stars, one for cleaning the stage and the other two for more specific challenges. This is a solid system, but it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. While a lot of these challenges make for some genuinely interesting and unique gameplay, such as the speedruns and forcing you to wear certain sneakers, others are a little bit too limited and sometimes feel downright incomprehensible. For example, Stage 13 in the Violence Gang territory requires you to complete the whole stage without jumping, which is incredibly unintuitive, as the stage consists of you jumping between rooftops. This is a small gripe, as most challenges add unique or satisfying gameplay scenarios. I typically was a huge fan of the speedrunning ones, as it felt like a solid test of skill, rewarding clever pathfinding and skilled play. Stars also have an interesting purpose beyond bragging rights: for every five stars you earn, you gain a new pair of sneakers, which each have unique effects. I found myself using one pair, which functioned as a big head mode and was incredibly helpful for dealing with enemies at longer ranges or completing specific headshot challenges. There are a lot of different sneaker effects, which once again contributes to the fantastic variety in gameplay that Anger Foot offers.

I had a great time with Anger Foot, and despite some minor issues across the board, it’s a fantastic shooter. If crude humour and frenetic action are your thing, give this a go!

Jacob Sanderson

Jacob Sanderson

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