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Blur Multiplayer Beta Preview

Blur Multiplayer Beta Preview

There is a wide range of racing titles available for the Xbox 360 on the market to buy today, so what makes Blur, a new title by Bizarre Creations, one to look out for in the future? Well think of it as Burnout meets Need for Speed meets Mario Kart. I dare you to name another game that encompasses the same.

The Beta of which a few gamers have had the opportunity to experience highlights the multiplayer aspect of the game. You race your way through abandoned parts of the world doing everything you can to take the top position just like any other racer. However, this isn't just some normal racing game - power-ups, weapons and other drivers are out there to rid you of your dreams. Various items offer various deals of power to you and frustration to your rivals. Nitro shoots you to the front of the rest, Mines create tricky obstacles for those in your wake and Shock gives your opposition a slalom course of electric fields waiting to zap anyone who comes in range, as well as many other race altering items. 


Players can experience a hand-picked variety of cars, all of which will be included in the finished game. Licensed cars such as Ford, Range Rover and Lotus are included and each has different advantages, making no car entirely better than the other. Up to 20-player races can be experienced (even if the servers are never filled), making it a huge serving of chaos at times. Loading times can be annoying as it seems to take an eternity for races to begin whilst waiting in the lobby, but when it does, you know about it.

The controls are still a bit clunky from earlier previews of the game where drifting doesn't feel controlled enough and spinning out after is something of a regular occurrence. Frequently you are re-spawned once your car is permanently facing the wrong direction, which breaks the flow of the game horribly. After some time they can be grasped fairly well just like all games, but without the advanced knowledge of the controls beginners could be discouraged. 


On the other hand, the maps and graphics are stunning leaving a wondrous idea in the player's mind knowing that they can and will be improved before the game's Spring release. Power-ups work brilliantly; it's a more than satisfying feeling watching your rival spin out violently after a well timed attack from behind or indeed the front, and the sense of speed you get from playing is incredible, unlike any other racing title within the last year or two.

Rankings throughout the game will make players race around the track for hours on end. Although the ranking cap is only level 10 on the Beta, there is sure to be a vast amount of gameplay to behold once the entire game is on the shelves. Fan points are what you need to boost your ranking. Gaining them is simple: if you race well, evade attacks well and drift well you will rack them up in no time. All these differentials ensure each race is nothing like the last.
All petrol heads should be well assured that Blur will be something to look out for. Its combination of arcade style weaponry and power-ups matched with its glorified sense of speed makes it more than just another racing title to add to the library. Though it needs a little more work, I can see great things for the game later into the year.
James Bralant

James Bralant

Staff Writer

James spends his time playing almost anything. Talents include: having a socially-awkward hair colour and getting far too angry after losing

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