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Cefore Preview

Cefore Preview

I’m always down for a puzzler that actually comes up with a unique way to challenge the mind. The last time I ventured into the puzzle genre was with Dark Train, which turned out to be a very fruitful experience. Cefore has given me a similar feeling of satisfaction. The game is currently in early access as a physics-based puzzler with a simple abstract art style that has you bring down various structures in the most imaginative ways possible.

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The game has you proceed through a series of levels, each with their own unique puzzle. Using various tools such as explosives and containment fields, which hold selected blocks together, your job is to knock all of the blue blocks on top of structures into a collection field. To simplify you have to drop boxes into a blue circle on the ground using explosives.

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To some this may sound easy, however there are a ton of various obstacles and boxes in the way that make it pretty hard to work around. Solving these problems is where the game shows its unique mechanics, requiring you to use a variety of tools to move the blue boxes off of complicated platforms and structures.

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After learning the various tools you can use to move things around, the true challenge begins. You have to use your characters jetpack to navigate around a multitude of obstacles such as rocks, and trees. Careful planning is needed in order to ensure that every single blue box will fall in the collection field or else you have to start again, unless of course you want to take the easy way out and hit the undo button.

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Unfortunately at the time of writing this, only the first few levels were unlocked. However each of those, including the tutorial, were actually very fulfilling and semi-difficult to complete. The level design is definitely well thought out as the game goes from holding your hand, to figure it out for yourself, very quickly. Despite this, the tutorial was good enough that after a couple of minutes of thinking I was able to proceed through each challenge while still enjoying myself.

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I can definitely see this game becoming quite a brain-teaser in the future, once more levels are added. Overall I found the game to be a fun and engaging experience. The puzzles increase in difficulty at a good pace, and the variety of tools at your disposal allow for some creative ways of solving them. If you are looking for a unique challenge that's not quite done yet, I would definitely recommend checking out Cefore!

Matt Wilhelm

Matt Wilhelm

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