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EGX Rezzed Gang Beasts Preview

EGX Rezzed Gang Beasts Preview

Gang Beasts returned to EGX Rezzed for the third year in a row, and they have their eyes set on the release now. I sat down with James Brown for an informal chat about where Boneloaf plan to go now with Gang Beasts.

The focus at the moment is for the PS4 launch, which will mark the game’s full release on PC too. This will come with a few additional improvements to matchmaking and server load, making the online jelly baby fighting much more stable. Along with that, Boneloaf are adding in a lot more content, including new modes, levels and upgrades to some of the levels currently in the Early Access build. They’re also looking at solo play, with a story mode coming and massive improvements to the wave based modes, now called Melee.

With that comes support for 16 languages, which seems odd for a minimalist fighting game with no dialogue but Brown insisted that adding as many languages as they can is important to Boneloaf so their menus aren’t a barrier for entry. With the huge increase of content coming for launch, I can understand their want to keep the menus as easy to traverse as possible.

gang beasts screenshot 02

They are also focusing on the local play, adding in a gang mode where players from one location can play against another team across the net. They want to be able to support crossplay between PC and PlayStation, though Brown told me that this is all down to the bureaucracy of publishing on console.

Alongside the traditional gameplay, Boneloaf have been looking at moving their game to VR. This was a highly asked for feature throughout the Early Access campaign, and Boneloaf are looking at getting this working on all VR platforms, including PSVR. This hasn’t been as simple as it would seem, and has involved Boneloaf completely rebuilding the camera systems.

Boneloaf are looking to release Gang Beasts this year on PS4 and a full release on PC after three years in Early Access. That isn’t to say that they won’t keep adding, as Brown suggested they have lots of ideas for post-launch content.

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Adam Wilkin

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