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EGX Rezzed The Banner Saga 3 Preview

EGX Rezzed The Banner Saga 3 Preview

While not showing at EGX Rezzed this year, the guys from Stoic Studios were in attendance and they sat down with me to chat about all things Banner Saga 3. With a short slice of the game, they showed me a small part of the final part of the Viking epic.

The game is again split across two stories happening simultaneously. One group is out exploring the wilderness and the other is defending the city of Arberrang, with decisions from previous games greatly influence how things will play out in this one. I got to see one fight sequence, and a character in that melee would only be there if you chose something in the first game. This was something that Stoic stressed to me - the player’s choices across the previous two games have consequences on the closing part of the trilogy.

Creative director Alex Thomas is back to help tie everything up after working on Killers and Thieves, another Stoic project. Thomas was the lead on the first Banner Saga, and fans are already excited to see his return with the kickstarter reaching double its goal, raising $416,986 and beating four stretch goals.


The gameplay formula remains mostly unchanged from the first two parts of the trilogy. As with Banner Saga 2, the progression system is being expanded; characters over rank 10 will have access to Heroic Titles which are passive abilities to cement the role that character plays in your team. There will also be interactive objects adding to the destructible terrain added in Banner Saga 2, allowing you to morph the battlefield to your strategic advantage.

The Banner Saga 3 has no release date as of yet, but with a third successful kickstarter we can hope that the conclusion of the story is coming very soon.

Adam Wilkin

Adam Wilkin

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