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Gun Gun Pixies Preview

Gun Gun Pixies Preview

Compile Heart certainly aren’t afraid of producing games full of fanservice and Gun Gun Pixies is definitely filled to the brim with it. Featuring tiny alien girls, called Pixies, who come to Earth to study human behaviour for their own species’ benefit.

Now arch your back... and relax...

This, inexplicably, involves stealthily navigating rooms where normal-sized ladies, who are giantesses in comparison to our heroines, are going about their day to day lives. Attempting to stay out of sight and silent as you attempt to locate objectives or shoot the human giant’s body parts with bullets that seem to bring joy.

The game itself plays like a stealth-based third-person shooter with there being three main mission types. One focusing on locating intel objects like pet posters or items of trash within the world, helping the pixies understand how human girls think and behave. Another sees you needing to shoot specific areas on the giants as they study or relax to pacify them. The third is a kind of hybrid with you needing to pacify a bathing girl before interacting with them in some manner.

Sneaking around unseen studying girls is perfectly normal.

If this sounds like an excuse for a lot of anime girl partial-nudity and panty shots then that is exactly what it is. Gun Gun Pixies knows exactly who the intended audience is and goes out of its way to set up events that revel in this type of cheesecake fanservice.

Visually the game environments are quite sparse with a simplistic but pleasing to look at design-wise. The girls who inhabit the dormitory, however, are quite a lot more detailed than you’d perhaps expect thanks to some really nice texture work. The audio is pleasant enough with some jolly tunes although nothing stands out in that regard.

Stealthily getting up close and personal!

The gameplay itself at this point seems very simplistic with basic navigation and purely functional combat mechanics which get a lot more play once another alien menace is introduced into the fray. It will be interesting to see whether the game has a little more up its sleeve when it comes out in the West.

Gun Gun Pixies lays out exactly what you should expect from the off with its zany, off-the-wall premise. It’s an unlikely game for localisation so it’s nice to see PQube willing to publish this, as it’s due for release on Nintendo Switch and PC later this year.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Staff Writer

Often reminiscing about the 'good old days'. Simon has almost perfected his plan to enter the Speed Force and alter the timeline.

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