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Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Preview

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Preview

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, a pretty long name, am I right? Well, as a huge fan of Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, I love a challenging survival game with at least a notable effort on base building and base defence. This game most certainly delivers to my taste despite the early access slapped in front of the title. Normally this would deter me, but with the huge improvements made to Rimworld and games of a similar nature I thought that it might be worth a shot! Boy was I impressed by what I found!

An oddly well developed game considering its graphical style, which I must say I am not entirely fond of, but more on that later. The game itself is mostly focused around defending your camp and expanding it over time, learning new ways to defend your base and defeat the encroaching demonic hordes that threaten to claim the lives of the survivors under your command. Simply put: the objective is to survive, to do this you produce food at your home base along with water to keep your survivors alive.

As time goes on you will find yourself running out of the most basic materials, forcing you to go out and search for loot and supplies. Exploration is essential for progression and expansion, which in turn allow you to produce new weapons, armour and items to help beat back the demonic incursion. New items such as Holy Armour can also be researched in order to fight back the occult with more… obscure types of technology. I have yet to progress far enough into the game to understand exactly what the point of summoning circles is but they are presumably either to help grind items or to produce defenders for your budding little settlement.

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The game itself is a challenge, not difficult for the sake of being difficult, but a challenge. You enjoy fighting against the difficult circumstances, pushing constantly upwards and struggling towards your next milestone. However, dealing with the constant strife of keeping your survivors alive whilst managing materials adds a certain weight to the entertainment.The main threat to your survivors is the creatures that now plague the world. However, it is refreshing to see the variety of monsters ranging from reapers, imps all the way up to succubi. Each one hosting their own abilities and attacking style.

Overall, there isn’t much detail I can truly go into about this game but the future looks bright. I can sum up my experience rather easily: an enjoyable challenge which enabled me to frequently return to the game without it becoming a chore. I would strongly suggest that the developers consider changing the art style slightly, but this may just be my own personal recommendation and most likely doesn’t apply to the general community at large.

This game is rated “Very Positive” on steam for a reason. Development for this game is unsurprisingly very active and it looks like the developers are really listening to the community. This is most definitely something I would recommend.



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