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Moshpit Simulator - gamescom Preview

Moshpit Simulator - gamescom Preview

I really am at a loss for words when it comes to Moshpit Simulator. A VR game that was described to me by creator Sos Sosowski as “a mistake” is extremely hard to classify. It’s a title that went viral on Twitter due to the erratic and frankly disturbing nature of the waxwork dummies Sosowski uses in the game, as well as its completely random nature.

It’s actually quite difficult to describe this project as a game. The general idea is that some kind of environmental disaster has turned people into floppy, fleshy zombies that you’re supposed to fight off while escaping in a variety of strange VR situations that involve a rock concert by a swimming pool, a getaway on a shopping cart and jumping out of a skyscraper. Throughout my escapades Sosowski, clad in the getup of some mad scientist, appears to me through television screens in the game world. “This is Fred. He is a fat person,” I’m informed. “You must grab him by his butthole.” As I did so the game’s slow-mo was enabled, making it easier to position and punch the fleshy dummies as necessary.

Mosh pit human 3

Finally, after making my escape by throwing people into cars, trains, trucks and other people, I’m thrown through a skyscraper and onto the floor below. There’s a pause as I recover. “That’s it,” says Sosowski. “We’re done. Get out.” The mad scientist creator tells me that the game, despite being a simulator, is still meant to have a plot, despite its cartoony demeanour. On top of that, he enjoys the ability the player has to be creative an unconstrained. Despite being placed in a number of setup scenarios I’m told that players can do whatever they want in Moshpit Simulator - all they have to do is reset the level with one button when it’s all been messed up.

I’m still a little unsure as I let someone else pull on the headset. It’s when I see an extremely wide grin appear on their face that I begin to understand the nature of Moshpit Simulator and why, for all intents and purposes, the game is about having fun with VR.

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Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

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