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Bunny Park Review

Bunny Park Review

Sometimes, I have games on my wishlist until months turn into years. Thankfully, I recently got to buy one that I had not been able to stop thinking about — Bunny Park! This adorable little title by Cosy Bee Games is best defined as a relaxing sandbox clicker, as there's not much to do aside from decorating and waiting. It’s a perfect game to play during a particularly hectic day to catch a break in between!

For those who aren't into the "cosy sphere", there has been a recent complaint surging among the community for the lack of actual gameplay in the genre, and while I do agree, I think games like Bunny Park are an exception, as the point is that they're slow and relaxing. It is quite obvious it's not meant to be binged or a one-and-done deal, as the game gates your progression by making you wait for the bunnies to dig up coins so you can buy things. As you grow your park and fill it with decor, you'll attract more bunnies!


Although they don't have anything special or different (aside from how they look), there's a little menu that shows you how many of them you've collected, and, truth be told, they're quite adorable. Unfortunately, Bunny Park feels simple even among the clicker and sandbox genre: there aren't many decorations to choose from, there are no upgrades to keep you engaged, and the bunnies don't interact with anything. Whilst this was a bit sad — particularly the lack of variety in furniture and the absence of interactions — it didn't stop me from enjoying the nearly 10 hours I played. Although a lot of that is the game running on its own so I can farm money, there's a certain satisfaction to returning and having a ton of coins to spend on more areas!

I also very much appreciated that the decoration aspect is very comfortable and intuitive; you can rotate furniture eight-directionally and even stick fences together so you can create proper areas! If the game had more decoration available, I would probably be able to sink in countless hours, especially since I am such a massive fan of decorating. That being said, I am very happy to see that there's a tab with seasonal furniture since it'll entice me to come back each season to collect them all.

Bunny Park's simplicity is what I was looking for, especially because I've had such a hectic few weeks. It's cute, it's easy to pick up and drop, and it works well with the genres it amalgamates — I just wish there were more decorations to choose from so it wouldn't feel so repetitive. Still, I’m looking forward to restarting and trying different styles!

7.00/10 7

Bunny Park (Reviewed on Windows)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Bunny Park is a good game to pick up if you just want to sink some hours into a relaxing decor game, especially if you don’t mind having only a few options in furniture.

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