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Dude Cops Review

Dude Cops Review

This game took me all of 13 minutes to complete. Think about all the things you could do in that time; you’d have 24 seconds left over after listening to Jimi Hendrix’s Machine Gun, or you could watch a SpongeBob SquarePants episode, or watch Never Gonna Give You Up 3.9393… times.

All of those are a better use of your time.

2019 01 26 16 40 26 Dude Cops

Dude Cops seems like something that’s been cobbled together in Game Maker in an evening. The dialogue is supposed to be funny, but it’s too repetitive. The situations are supposed to be amusing too, fetching cream cheese for zombies, but it’s not. My natural frown never shifted during the 13 minutes of my life that I won’t get back.

It seems like this is Osgoode Media’s bread and butter. Free games to pad out their portfolio, and it looks like they have an upcoming game called Detectivez, which appears to use the exact same dialogue from Dude Cops.

2019 01 26 16 41 23 Dude Cops

The only way I can recommend this game is if you have played every single other game on Steam, have walked every mile of the Earth, and already lived a long and fruitful life, completing all of your personal objectives. So basically if you’re dead and have nothing better to do in the afterlife.

That, or you want an easy game to get 100% achievements out of.

2.50/10 2½

Dude Cops (Reviewed on Windows)

The score reflects this is broken or unplayable at time of review.

It’s nothing more than a concept game for the developers, but I could have given it a higher score if it gave me a laugh. But it didn’t. Just pretend you never even read this review and carry on with your life.

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