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Mekazoo Review

Mekazoo Review

Mekazoo...Mekazoo...Mekazoo really sounds like one of those titles that’s just out there for comedic use. Frankly though, I am above such things, especially considering that it feels like Mekazoo is too Mekacool for Mekaschool. Alright, alright, with all joking aside, Mekazoo really does feel like a well constructed gaming experience. Unfortunately, the experience kind of gets fumbled around a bit.

So what is Mekazoo? Well it’s funny I ask that question, because usually I’d categorize something such as this an action-platformer which, don’t get me wrong, it is. However, it feels like there’s more to it then that. For one, it uses its 2.5D plain extremely well. Mekazoo really breaks the feeling of a 2D side-scroller by immersing you in boss battles and platforming puzzles that are all featured in the background. Well...not all, but a significant amount.


Speaking of which, much to the game's credit, boss battles on their own kinda take the cake. The first one that you fight in-game is a sort of ‘mechanized frog demon’ and you, a loathsome armadillo, are there to show it what for. This is achieved by using the environment around you in order to drop bombs on it until its inevitable downfall. Which leads me to my next point, the use of the levels. Just as credit went to the boss fights, credit should also go to the level design. It really feels like you’re using every part of the level in Mekazoo and that’s something worth addressing. Too many games now have detailed and well crafted worlds that, yes, may be expansive and open-ended, but in actuality, really have a lack of anything for the player to do.That being said however, although the levels are well put together, the hub area was not, much to my dismay.

Finding out where to go and what to do in Mekazoo, I must say, is really quite a chore. Once you actually get into the level though, it’s all fun times ahead. So although the addition of a waypoint or mini-map would have been greatly appreciated, that’s probably just me getting soft in my old gaming age. Another thing that should be noted is the co-op system. So, and bear with me here, how the system works is that; when two players are going through the game, there’s only one character on screen. To take control of it, one would just have to simply press a button to take over...here’s where the problem lies: If you’re playing through a level and having a pretty good run at that, then your buddy all the sudden decides to take over without notifying you that he/she was doing so, there’s going to be some issues. I suppose one could just play single-player but that kind of defeats of the purpose of having co-op at all doesn’t it. Regardless, hopefully it’s something the developers at GoodMood take into consideration before their next game.

goodmood creators

All in all though, these issues are just part of an interesting and well crafted experience. An experience that, sure, may have a few bugs here and there. Yet are worth looking past if it means playing “just one more level”. As far as my final verdict goes, I would definitely recommend Mekazoo to veterans and newcomers alike. Until next time!

7.50/10 7½

Mekazoo (Reviewed on PlayStation 4)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Mekazoo brings the 2.5D platformer to life as you battle bosses and traverse terrain in a beautifully crafted experience that'll be sure to have you wanting more.

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