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Oh My Godheads Review

Oh My Godheads Review

Oh My Godheads is an arena style game with a twist, in the form of giant heads that are the key to either winning or losing a game. There are multiple heads that you can choose to have in your game, each with its own ability to impact the match in a major way.

There isn't a single player story here, as they have instead opted to make this a couch co-op game. This isn't a great decision as while the main game is fun playing with friends on a sofa, the single player AI is horrible to play against and isn't very smart at all due to this, playing on your own against AI is awful and becomes boring very fast. There isn't any online multiplayer here either, which I found incredibly strange especially when they have such a focus on couch co-op. Online multiplayer would have been a great option in this title.

Oh My Godheads 1080P Wallpaper 2

Let's talk about the types of games that you'll be playing in this title first up... is King Of The Hill, a more traditional game mode that you may have seen in other games. There isn't really too much of a difference here except to earn points on the hill you must grab the head and be holding it before your points begin to accumulate. The second game mode; Capture The Head is also a more traditional one, this is the game mode I spent most of my time in. It's a take on the traditional mode, capture the flag except you must capture the head from the middle of the map and bring it back to your base. There are two other game modes that aren't quite as interesting, these are deathmatches where your only objective is to kill people, you can choose from teams or just an all out free for all.

There is also a game mode where it asks you to complete certain objectives against the AI and try to do it in the fastest time. This is a sort of single player campaign although, much like this game, it doesn't include any story. This was fun for a little while but after the first few missions I found that it was very repetitive and not very fun. Though this game mode doesn't provide any story it's still fun when you are bored of playing the same four modes over and over again.

There are also a few characters that you can choose to play as, these choices don't include much variety as most of the characters are very generic. With the lack of a story here you don't understand any of the characters who you can choose from, so to me it was just another character on the playing field, rather than a character who I cared about and wanted them to win. Sure, each character looks different but I didn't notice any differences in ability between them. This was a missed opportunity where they could have had different characters have different strengths that could have led to a more vast variety of characters to choose from that actually impact the game.


The art style here is enjoyable although it doesn't look too impressive, it looks like a PlayStation 2 style game playing on a PlayStation 4. The overall colours are beautiful and make the world come alive, with characters looking unique and visually appealing. This game also targets families, so I believe the art style fits this perfectly. While it could have been very gory but in a cartoonish style, they instead chose to keep it family friendly. Which is great and actually fits the world better.

The sound design here is also a great addition, with satisfying in-game music and even better voice effects from the characters in-game. The little details are what stand out for me with things like the heads making weird sounds, to the in game characters making even more interesting sounds.

4.00/10 4

Oh My Godheads (Reviewed on PlayStation 4)

Minor enjoyable interactions, but on the whole is underwhelming.

While Oh My Godheads may be fun with friends at a party, it just loses all of its value when it comes to playing against the AI. With the lack of any online multiplayer or real single player, this game loses all of its replay value in a matter of hours.

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