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You, as the great fighting team ZHEROS in this good looking 3D platform beat ‘em up, play Mike or Captain Dorian who protect the universe against Dr.Vendetta's evil robot army, planet by planet.
In order to stop the vast robot army, you will need to use guns, your fists, and a shield. It’s fun and child friendly with a crazy list of combos you can use against your enemies and let them feel the fist of the ZHEROS squad. The story explains itself very well with some high-quality, silent, animated movies.

Zheros GameGrin 2

If you are a fan of dubstep music then you will probably enjoy the beats that get thrown in at the menu screen. On entering the character select screen you will discover the unfortunate fact that there are only two options to choose from, which is disappointing because variety is key in these type of games. A temporary problem with this is that you cannot select the same character as your friend when playing local co-op. However, once you've played with both you find out they feel quite similar if you compare the combo system so that will not be a big problem when choosing a character. Still it’s the idea that you always want to use the same character and this game you can not do this.

Zheros GameGrin 3

Both characters come with a unique skill package you can unlock when you collect enough points throughout the stages you play. At every stage you can unlock a maximum of 2 RP points that you can spend on the skill tree of the character you are using. There are two big downsides of the minor upgrade system - there are not many options to choose from. After using one upgrade you need more points for the next one so you need to collect quite a few just for a single upgrade for double the points. When you play in co-op mode the XP points are not equally distributed so maximum upgrading will be difficult. The first upgrade costs one point, the second two, the third three and so on.This is quite a big challenge because you need to defeat every enemy and destroy all crates to collect all points for getting the second skill points. Not to forget every stage has a secret star you can collect for an achievement.

You fight alone or with a friend on two worlds which are divided into twelve smaller levels. What gives this game an extra fun factor is that it has small elements like electric grids, closing doors, lasers and many more elements you need to look out for that can kill you between fights.

Zheros GameGrin 4

I played with two Xbox 360 controllers that are fully supported and the game plays very well. The response of the character combos was great and makes this game an easy and fun experience. I’ve played this on easy, normal and hard mode and it will give you a challenge already in normal mode. If you play with two players it’s much easier and you will notice there are not many extra enemies on the field and so clearing every stage is much easier and faster.
When you play this game alone you will need to use dodge or block attacks a lot. You simply cannot survive four or more enemies at the same time and that's the challenge of this game. I recommend that when you play with two people you try at least the normal or hard mode.

Overall this is a very fun, easy to play, beat ‘em up videogame with some nice upbeat soundtracks.


7.50/10 7½

ZHEROS (Reviewed on Windows)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

ZHEROS is a really fun and basic two player co-op video game for all ages.

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Schuitje82 (Richard)

Schuitje82 (Richard)

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